Questionnaires: Gathering data at community and national level

The Indigenous Navigator offers user-friendly questionnaires, especially developed and designed to assess the realisation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The national questionnaire assesses the level of recognition and implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) by States in a particular country. These questionnaires particularly look at laws, policies and programs.

The community questionnaire assesses the implementation of UNDRIP on the ground, mainly looking at impacts for particular indigenous communities. They are designed for collective assessments on the ground, for example through community meetings, focus group discussion and participatory research.

Both sets of questionnaires are designed to be complementary and come in long and short versions.

The long versions provide a complete and comprehensive set of questions that will require more time for data collection, meanwhile the short ones are based on key questions that can easily and quickly be answered with little time and resources available.

The long versions can be customized to cover only the themes of particular interest to the users. This could, for example, be education, health and land rights.

Key tools for monitoring

The questionnaires are key tools for all actors who want to monitor the level of respect, recognition and fulfillment of indigenous peoples' rights. While some facilitation will be needed for communities to use the questionnaires (in most cases), the questionnaires are easily accessible and can be used by people with no human rights training. You can find online guidance on how to conduct a survey here:

The questionnaires build on a systematic analysis of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples. If you want to understand the technical approach behind the questionnaires, you can read our technical description here.

Take the questionnaires:

Download and print the questionnaires:

A set of guides to collect data

We recommend that you take a look at our guides if you want to use the questionnaires and facilitate a collective assessment. The guides provide an overview of which UNDRIP article, WCIP Commitments and SDG indicators the questions are linked to. You can also find a detailed guide on how to respond to each of the questions. We also offer you further conceptual clarification around the rights being monitored, for example, what do the UNDRIP articles mean.

Read, share and print our guides:

Guide to national questionnaires

Guide to national questionnaires

Download and read our question guide for the national questionnaire.


Guide to community questionnaires

Guide to community questionnaires

Download and read our question guide for the community questionnaire.


Calculate index values

Calculate index values

Based on the questionnaires, the Indigenous Navigator can calculate index values, which makes it easy to compute, compare and present your data.


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The Indigenous Navigator provides a set of tools for indigenous peoples to systematically monitor the level of recognition and implementation of their rights.